Cool Drones

Some of the cool drones in this modern era:

In this modern age technology, the field of science is getting more and more refined, and now the world is full of cool drones ever in the history of technology. Some of the coolest drones and their features are stated as below:

Parrot Mini:

Parrot Mini is one of the best among the cool drones which the technological era produced ever in history. Bird achieved its place all due to its some of the original features which make it a unique among all of its other members of the family. Some of the best features of Mini is narrated follow:

  • Parrot has listed in one of those coolest drones which have a fantastic camera fitted in their unusual design which can capture some high-quality pictures and videos and can also have the ability of almost 4K resolution.
  • Mini has the fantastic time of flight which is around 10-15 minutes which is more than enough feature and makes it one the best among cool drones ever.
  • The range for a flight of Parrot is nearly about 100 meters which are also a golden feature which helps it to get a place in this category of coolest drones.
  • The battery fitted in Mini is also unyielding and can recharge from zero to full in the very short period which is around 20-30. It is a really excellent feature which makes it among the coolest drones.

Yuneec Typhoon H:

Yuneec is truly one of the very coolest drones, and this is entirely the result of its valuable and prime features which make it a unique among all other coolest drones. Let’s take a glimpse on some of the original features of Yuneec:

  • Yuneec is surely a unique drone among coolest drones because Typhoon has the sensor which can identify obstacles and hurdles. After identification of barriers or obstacles, Yuneec automatically gives the indication on the controller to stop which is a smartphone having an app to control it.
  • Typhoon has one of the best quality cameras of around 12MP which can able to capture amazing stills during its flight, and it also has the ability of 4K resolution.
  • The time of flight of Typhoon H is also an incredible feature which makes it one of the strongest contenders among coolest drones.


The drone is now taking over the world by its versatility in doing work with much perfection and much efficiently. The making of cool drones is progressing not only in the direction of destruction but is also getting popularity in another field  of science like in Agriculture; drone can take care of crops that are by measuring water level and other basic need of vegetables. In short, the drone technology is the most flourished technology among all other technologies of this modern era.

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