Huawei Honor 6X Review

Now, we are going to see closer one of the latest gadgets that the world is given with in 2017. It is the Honor 6X from Huawei. Despite being produced in China, Huawei actually has pretty good quality and builds. Of course, its main feature is the affordable price which is considerably lower than other gadgets with the same quality. This smartphone makes a great choice thanks to its sleek metal unibody build, fast performance, crisp 1080 display, expandable storage, dual SIM slots, fingerprint sensor and also solid camera completed with bokeh control. But it also has some weakness though minor like lack of dual band WiFi, lack of NFC and heavy UI layer. Despite the weakness, it still makes a smartphone that offers many. If you already want to make purchase, click here.

Design, Display and Features

Tagged at around only $249, the Huawei Honor 6X brings many improvements that make this series in better quality than its predecessor of Honor 5X. Let’s start with its design. This time, Huawei presents something similar like the previous version such as metal unibody slab that is available in silver, gray or gold. But, there are some changes as well such as the circular fingerprint sensor, no brushed finish and also two units of camera sensor located on the back of the smartphone. This smartphone similar weight and height like the previous series.

Find the power button, volume rocker and also audio jack on the top. Meanwhile, the micro USB charging port is located on the bottom between speaker grille and microphone. On the left side, there are the microSD card slots and SIM card slots. Thanks to its 256GB car that the latter can work find. In case you want to use different numbers, make use of the dual SIM card slots.

Connectivity and Network Performance

This smartphone comes with the same LTE Bands as the Honor 8. Thanks to its band 17 as key omission, that the smartphone has improved building penetration that is designated for the AT&T users. Based on users’ experience, the network performance on this smartphone is strong especially in the downtown. It can register up to 16.6 Mbps for top download speeds.

As for the call quality, it is considered good with clean tone free. And, its earpiece volume is also pretty loud that it can still be heard even though being surrounded with noisy settings. However, it doesn’t have very good speakerphone.

Processor and Battery

Let’s get to know its processor and battery performance. This time, the Huawei Honor 6X is powered with 2/1 GHz 655 octa-core chipset, a capable processor that can score pretty good when tested on AnTuTu benchmark. This processor is as strong as the Snapdragon 625 that is powering the LG G5. As for the battery performance, it is pretty solid. In the rundown test, it clocked 5 and a half hour with full screen video streaming with maximum brightness. This smartphone has considerably fast charging and allows you to reduce the power drain using the Battery Manager to control which apps that can run in background.

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