The Best Ways to Disable Built-in Windows 7 Features You Don’t Want

After you start installing so many software on your Windows 7 ultimate free download full version, you will notice your context menu starts filling up with more and more items, becomes slow, and it starts taking up the whole screen. Here’s how to get rid of some of those items and trim it back down to size.

Windows doesn’t have a default setting to allow for disabling the key, so what we have to do is re-map the key to something non-existent so as to completely disable it. The caps lock key is one of those remnants of another age of computers, back when people used to shout at each other more often. Unless you are in the accounting department, it’s probably not very useful, so today we’ll learn how to disable it.

To do this manually, you would open up regedit.exe and browse down to the following key:

  • The first 16 zeros are just there to waste space.
  • The “02” in bold represents how many keys you are going to re-map plus 1. The orange bolded “0000” is the key we actually want Windows to map to, which in this case is nothing, or 0.
  • The blue bolded “3A00” is the key we are mapping from, in this case the caps lock key.
  • The next 8 zeros are there to waste space as the null terminator.
  • Disabling annoying Popups

There’s nothing more annoying than being in the middle of working on something when the Windows 7 Update dialog pops up and tells you to reboot. You will probably not want to take the drastic step of disabling all notification, but it’s also an option.

  • Disabling the unwanted icons

Windows 7 ultimate free download full version include several layers of defense to prevent unwanted software from modifying the internet configuration. If an unwanted toolbar does appear in then, you can disable it using the Add-on Manager. For your ease, you would have to disable the system tray, which is probably not something you should do.

  • Disabling the windows aero

If you do not like Aero features in Windows 7, you can get rid of them, or maybe you want to get rid of the built-in shortcut keys then you should read the disclaimers carefully before you start disabling built-in services, and you definitely should not delete any of it until you are not sure.

  • Disabling the settings

Sometimes you don’t want to disable something entirely, you just want to disable the way it behaves, like Windows Update when you don’t want it to.

  • Disable Your Entire Computer and Delete All Data

This is the ultimate way to disable something you don’t want like if you are going to be selling your PC or giving it away, you probably don’t want anybody getting to your data.

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